Edexcel Science - Physics Revision

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Find out exactly what you need to know in the topics that make up the physics course. Each section has detailed notes and revision aids to help you consolidate your knowledge.

Revision Topics

P1 Revision

You need to plan your time carefully in order to manage your revision. If there are any topics you are not sure about make sure you ask for some help.


The foundations of your success in the exam are dependent on how well you understand what the questions is asking you. Check out this section for some tips to help you.

Exam Tips

Exam Tips

Here you will find all the past papers for both Physics and Chemistry. Use the mark schemes to help you understand exactly what the examiners are looking for.

Past Papers

Past Papers

Exam Dates:


P1 - 25th May 2016

P2 - 17th June 2016

P3 - 24th June 2016

Don’t forget to arrive at your exams with the correct equipment. You will need a black pen, pencil, ruler and a scientific calculator.